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Which is the Best T shirt Fabric | Cotton T-shirt vs Poly cotton vs Polyester T-shirt

how to choose a right t-shirt fabric material in india at best price

We wear T-shirts all the time whether it is an everyday casual look, sportswear, uniform workwear, single-day event or party wear. When it comes to choosing the best T-shirt material, its usage matters the most like when and where you’re using these T-shirts.

But understanding the basics of each T-shirt fabric material helps you to choose the right fabric for you.

Here’s what you need to know!

These are the types of T shirt fabrics commonly used in India:

  1. Cotton T-shirts 
  2. Polyester T-shirts 
  3. Poly Cotton blend

Cotton T-shirts

Cotton T-shirts are made up of natural fibers which are soft, comfortable, breathable and gentle on the skin. It absorbs moisture and sweat quickly from your body. But cotton doesn’t allow the moisture to evaporate from your body and it takes too long to dry.

Cotton T-shirts shrink easily because of the absence of elasticity. For this nature, cotton t-shirts are used as casual/comfortable wear.

Are you the type of person who likes to wear soft, comfortable and premium clothes, then this T-shirt material is only for you.

best cotton t-shirt fabric types custom tshirts india

Here are some Cotton T-shirt types,

  1. 100% cotton
  2. Combed cotton
  3. Semi-combed cotton
  4. Super combed cotton
  5. Ring-spun cotton
  6. Pima/Supima cotton
  7. Cotton Fleece
  8. Organic cotton
  9. Bamboo cotton

Polyester T-shirts

Polyester T-shirts are made of synthetic fabric material, which is much more durable than any other fabric and resistant to shrinking even after multiple washes.

Unless cotton t-shirts, It has the moisture-wicking capability and allows the sweat to evaporate from your body.

Note: Polyester T-shirt doesn’t absorb moisture, it only wicks away the moisture from the body and makes the t-shirt dry quickly.

It may cause some skin irritation due to the presence of some artificial fibers and is less breathable which makes you sweat more.

Since it is a lightweight, quick drying and shrink resistant and wrinkle-free material it is used as sports apparel for decades.

Are you a sports person or workout enthusiast looking for perfect T-shirts? this is only for you.

best polyester tshirt-types-gym and sports t-shirt in india

Here are some examples of Polyester T-shirt materials available in India.

  1. Super Poly T-shirt
  2. Selina T-shirt
  3. Dri-fit T-shirt
  4. Honeycomb T-shirt
  5. Lycra T-shirt
  6. Polyester Fleece

Poly Cotton Blend T-shirts

Yes, you’ve guessed it right. As the name implies, these t-shirts are made up of cotton and polyester at the ratio of 50:50 or any other. So it has the combined nature of both cotton and polyester.

Because of the presence of cotton, it is quite softer and comfy. On the other hand, it is durable, lightweight, quick drying and resistant to shrinkage due to the presence of Polyester fabric.

So poly cotton t-shirts are much more durable and shrink resistant than cotton t-shirt and has moisture absorbing ability than a polyester t-shirt.

Poly cotton blend t-shirts in India

For this nature, most of restaurants, hotels, saloons and delivery companies prefer this type of t-shirt material for their employees. 

If you’re a delivery person, restaurant employee, barber or any other person working in hot weather conditions, then this material is for you.

Also check out the Benefits of wearing work wear for your Business, Company or Organization.


Whether it is cotton, polyester or blends, every t-shirt fabric material has its pros and cons based on its nature and usage. When it comes to choosing the best T shirt material, these are the things you should keep in mind:

When and where you’re using the T-shirt, what type of printing techniques are you using (if any) and whether it is comfortable for you and suits of your working conditions/environment.

With this information, you can make the right decision.

What are you waiting for, let’s choose the Best T shirt Fabric for you!

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